We are delighted to say that our very first orientation training session for volunteer lawyers went well.  Around 33 were in attendance.

Cameron Browne, president of the Gold Coast District Law Association gave may we say, quite an inspiring opening to proceedings. Support of the GCDLA is central to RCLC succeeding in our mission to assist the community, practising lawyers and law students intending to practise.

The insights of Ros Williams (law reform and community legal education solicitor at Caxton Legal Centre Inc.) were passed on by our Ross Lee, with perhaps a few embelishments here and there…

We will be in touch shortly with volunteers regarding duty rostering.  Please email us if your requirements have changed.

Further orientation sessions for volunteer lawyers will be arranged in due course.  Law student volunteer orientation is undertaken separately.

Special thanks to Glenys Owen and Adeline Yap for the evening’s arrangements.  By all accounts, not a single Tim Tam or other tastie survived!