ROBINA HEADQUARTERS: 5.00 pm Thursdays. GCCC Robina Community Centre, 196 Robina Town Centre Drive.  (12 advice desks). 

SOUTHPORT  OUTREACH: Tuesdays.  St Vincent de Paul Community Hub, 20 Railway Street. (3 advice desks). 

Robina Headquarters: Drop In OR Book Appointment 0423 466 286Southport Outreach: Book Appointment ONLY 0411 896 401

Welcome to the national, state and local award-winning My Community Legal. We are one of two accredited Community Legal Centre charities based in Gold Coast.

If you are in need, but cannot afford a lawyer, we’d be delighted to see you.

Please call at least one day in advance to book an appointment and ensure a volunteer lawyer in the right practice area will be on duty.

Please bring all relevant documents and a list of questions you need answered.

Of course if a client is seen by a volunteer at My Community Legal, the lawyer is not allowed to have this person as a client in private practice afterwards.  All clients are given a referral list and if the volunteer practitioner is on it, they rule themselves out.

Practice Areas

Family Law, Domestic Violence

Consumer and Debt

Tenancy, Body Corporate

Property, Neighbourhood

Estate and Guardianship

Insurance, Personal Injury


Micro Business

Criminal Law, Domestic Violence

Immigration Law

Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination

Excluded Areas

Those Who Can Afford a Lawyer

Writing Wills




Social Security, Centrelink


[We are happy to make a Referral]

Priority Need Clients

Children And Young People (Up To 24 Years)

Financially Disadvantaged People

Indigenous Australians

Older People (Aged Over 65 Years)

People In Custody And Prisoners

People Experiencing, Or At Risk Of, Family Violence

People Experiencing, Or At Risk Of, Homelessness

People Residing In Rural Or Remote Areas

People Who Are Culturally And Linguistically Diverse

People With A Disability Or Mental Illness

People With Low Education Levels

Single Parents