Our operations team consists of a principal, coordinator, deputy coordinator and many volunteers. Given our modest revenue, we believe our client service and compliance are handled with remarkable professionalism and efficiency.
Sarah Galvin

Sarah Galvin

Principal Lawyer

Sarah is passionate about helping clients to navigate the family law system, getting an outcome and moving on with their lives.

She volunteers her time at My Community Legal and is an Associate at Robbins Watson Solicitors.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Queensland University of Technology. 

Jade Castle

Jade Castle

Gold Coast Coordinator

Jade is the Gold Coast Coordinator of My Community Legal.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from Griffith University. 

Jade has received many awards for community service, including from Rotary International. 

Suha Suriya Freitag

Suha Suriya Freitag

Southport Coordinator

Suha is a high achieving law student with relevant experience and world class customer service training.

Possessing impeccable communication, collaboration and organisational skills, Suha enjoys working with, inspiring and helping people.

Suha is a past president of the Southern Cross Law Student Association. 

She is proactive in finding creative solutions and overcoming challenges.