Friends, our QAILS application proceeds.  Much hard work by committee, especially secretary Adeline Yap, has been applied.

Firstly, objection has been raised to inclusion of the words “Gold Coast” in our name.  This has left us in something of a predicament.  However on delibertation our committee and membership has resolved that the best new name for our CLC is “Robina Community Legal Centre”.  Application has been lodged with Fair Trading Queensland and we expect approval to come through soon.

Secondly there is additional work for us to secure QAILS approval including:

  • Collaboration with other CLC’s – we continue to develop our collegiate friendship with all CLC’s in the QAILS group;
  • Running a CLC practice – we are taking steps to fully comply with the NACLC Risk Management Guide of forms and procedures, the detail of which requires some intial work; and
  • Budget – the all important money side of the business; although our expenses are low, we encourage your donations especially at start up to help us get up and running.

So as you can see, we have been busy.  Please keep in touch by checking in at the website and let us know your feedback.