Results of the latest NACLC Census of community legal centres are out.

Please see the attached infographic regarding the astonishing need for and value of CLC’s.  Unfortunately, most nights we have to turn people away that otherwise would be our clients.

Note the reasons for turning persons away, below. We hope this shows an excellent case for a Robina Community Legal Centre funded responsible lawyer – which would enable considerable, quality assured and FREE volunteer services.

Census Infographic

The Census continues to be an important tool to gather data on the number of turnaways * and the reasons why CLCs have had to turnaway vulnerable and disadvantaged people.
• The majority of respondents (52.9% or 74 CLCs from 140 respondents) reported recording turnaways ‘some of the time’.
• 84 CLCs provided the actual number or an estimate of the number of people turned away in the 2013/14 financial year. These 84 CLCs reported turning away 156,854 people in the 2013/14 financial year.
• 87 CLCs reported the percentage of the total number of people turned away in 2013/14, for whom the CLC could provide an appropriate, accessible and affordable referral. The average proportion was reported as 66.2%, while the median was 75%.
• The most prevalent reasons for turnaways,* as reported by 84 CLCs, were:
o conflict of interest (83.5% or 86 CLCs)
o person’s legal problem was outside our centre’s priority area/client group (71.9% or 74 CLCs), and
o insufficient resources (65.0% or 67 CLCs).

* In the Census, a ‘turnaway’ was defined as: ‘any person your CLC had to send away because you were unable to assist them within the needed timeframe or because of a lack of resources, lack of centre expertise or your centre’s eligibility policy’.