RCLC would like to sincerely thank author Dr John de Groot, for gifting us his “Wills, Probate and Administration Practice (Queensland)” looseleaf service (including the Legislation second volume).

It is humbling that so many give so much to our CLC initiative and ask for little or nothing in return.  Best wishes John.  Robina Community Legal Service is grateful for you donation, which will be put to use immediately.

Although not requested by Dr de Groot, we thought the following information may interest potential purchasers of this excellent service:


Wills, Probate and Administration Practice (Queensland)

Authored by Dr John de Groot, the firm’s Special Counsel, with the support of our lawyers. It is the definitive text in the area, dealing with Wills and Estate Planning issues and a detailed practise guide on all aspects of Deceased Estate Administration.

This text is published as a loose-leaf subscription service, with approximately four update bulletins and one full text update per year.

If you would like to order this text, or if you have further enquiries about this publication, please email email@degroots.com.au.

Source: de Groots Lawyers website