HELP! Please download, sign and return the Petition.

PLEASE print off the petition, have everyone you know sign and return it to us by this Friday 6 May 2016.  RCLC has helped thousands in need.  Now our volunteers need your help for government funding of a coordinator and practice manager.

Our Facebook post asking supporters sign the e Petition on 18 April reached 9,000 people and the 27 April one reached 13,000.  And yet we only have 105 sign the official Government e petition and 61 sign the similar Change petition.  Something doesn’t add up…

Many folks do not want to give personal information online but are happy to sign a paper petition that is more private.  We have 616 signatures on paper, with many more yet to be handed in.

Petition Form

Please return to our back office   OR   PO Box 1310, Southport Qld 4215  OR by Friday 6 May 2016

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