Erin has a Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Arts honours degrees from Griffith University.

During her studies, she tutored in criminal law subjects worked and gained valuable work experience across several areas of law.

She decided to focus on criminal law after participating in Griffith University’s Innocence Project, a pro-bono project that aims to free the wrongfully convicted. “It was an amazing experience – we had an opportunity to witness first hand the errors which can sometimes occur in our criminal justice system and learn how to make a difference”. She completed her honours thesis on the dangers associated with convictions relying on DNA evidence alone.

Now that she is working exclusively in criminal lawy she enjoys managing her own files and working in conjunction with the Directors on major crime files. “As lawyers, we get a special view of how stressful the court process can be and it is a privilege to be able to help people with their cases and reduce some of that stress.”