Robina Community Legal Centre is delighted to announce that the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Bond University, Professor Geraldine Mackenzie, has agreed to donate the following important assets for our use:

  • Laptop / notebook computer; and
  • Printer

As we are not yet trading, seed capital is most important to RCLC and not altogether easy to procure.  We are most appreciative of this level of support, given all sectors of the economy including education continue to be in somewhat challenging financial times.

The continuing donations of our partners, especially those such as Bond University, is critical to RCLC carrying out its mission so we sincerely thank Professor Mackenzie and staff of Bond University including Kathy Atkins, Brenda Marshall and Nadia Singh for their ‘whole of faculty’ generosity.  Kathy Atkins is a RCLC member and on our management committee.

We encourage prospective students, law firms and government to take note of Bond’s example of community service in Gold Coast city.