Stage Two of our NACLC accreditation application procedure is now complete.

On 14 October 2014 the Queensland NACLC representative visited our evening advice session site and also the RCLC’s back office for rather thorough inspection and interviewing of volunteers. It was quite the day of days.

We now eagerly await advice from NACLC regarding the third and final stage of accreditation, which we hope will be fully complete before end of year, 2014.

Kudos to the accreditation all-star team headed up by Dawn with Adeline, Amanda, Orlena and Nitika for taking us thus far.


About the National Accreditation Scheme

 The National Accreditation Scheme has been developed to provide an industry based certification process for Community Legal Centres (CLCs) that will support and give recognition to good practice in the delivery of community legal services. Full members of State and Territory Associations of CLCS must comply with the NACLC Accreditation Criteria.

The NACLC Accreditation Criteria and the evidence requirements by which Community Legal Centres will be assessed for certification incorporate the current Community Legal Services Program Service Standards and the requirements of the NACLC Risk Management Guide (RMG).

The accreditation process

The accreditation process will consist of three steps:

  1. Online self assessment: NACLC is using an online self assessment system (Standards and Performance Pathways – SPP) which has been tailored for CLCs. The SPP guides CLCs through assessing their own organisation against the Accreditation Criteria, automatically generating a plan for addressing any areas where work is needed and providing tools, templates and guides to help complete this work. CLCs will be able to attach their own documents as evidence of meeting Accreditation Criteria and send an electronic report and ‘evidence pack’ to the accreditation reviewer.  These can also be used for reporting against the CLSP Service Standards, or easily adapted for reporting against other standards and to other funding bodies.
  2. Site visit by accreditation reviewer: NACLC (and potentially some State Associations) will be engaging specialist accreditation reviewer who will work with each CLC to review the results of their self assessment and, at least in the first cycle, visit the centre to review other documentation, see how policies and procedures are applied on site and meet with centre representatives.
  3. Report and recommendation: Accreditation review staff will provide a report and recommendation for accreditation to the State Association, or, where there is no incorporated association, to NACLC to decide on accreditation status and certification. There are three levels of accreditation and the centre is issued with certification for the appropriate level.